COURTESY: Be polite towards others, encourage justice, respect your instructor and help junior students.
INTEGRITY: Recognize good from evil and have the awareness to accept one’s wrongs and to admit to them.
PERSERVERANCE: To set a goal and to work in order to reach it.
SELF-CONTROL: In the dojang and/or in one’s personal life.
A TENACOUS SPIRIT: To have the courage to face strong oppositions.

ASHLEY’S Taekwondo « promises »

  • I will observe the Doctrines of Taekwondo.
  • I will respect the instructor and the senior belts.
  • I will not use Taekwondo for the wrong reasons.
  • I will excel with all my potential.
  • I will reninforce myself physically and mentally.
  • I will build a more peaceful world.